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Student Wax Deal!

Need a Wax?

I know how challenging it can be to keep up with self care needs as a student, you super are busy, on a budget and trying to remember to submit discussion posts on time, let's not even talk about laundry piles lol!

Here at The Goddess Project we are committed to standing
with women on their journeys of self-care. It is important for women of all walks of life to feel safe when discussing personal matters.The Goddess Project affirms women to take control of their intimate wellness and have more confidence.

Our student wax deal were created with your lifestyle in mind. This service provides a full brazilian wax ( includes inner thigh and butt strip) on a monthly basis. Need a little more TLC? Try our "waxed n' pretty" upgrade on the months you want.

Bye-bye Razors!

Remaining consistent with your wax routine provides the best results, every 3-4 weeks is ideal.

Adding a Vagacial to your wax soothes inflamed skin, illuminates the area and leaves your feeling silky smooth.

A Vagacial is a "facial" for your intimate skin, it helps kill bacteria, rid and prevent ingrowns, treat acne scars, bumps and hyperpigmentation. Each vagacial is customized to suit your unique skin care needs and can include cleansing, extractions, skin treatment and hydrojelly mask.

(Best Value $65 vs $100)

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We are here to answer any questions you may have or address any concerns. Providing a safe space to just be is what we do!

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